Water Well Services

Clean drinking water is one of the most important environmental concerns in our society.

The average household consumes up to 100 gallons per person per day.  Jones Well Drilling ensures your safety with well pump systems and water well chlorination.  Full services include complete yield testing and pump installation for each well system we drill.  

We drill, construct and install residential, municipal, commercial, irrigation, environmental, geothermal and agricultural well systems.  Well rehabilitation services include well development and or/ hydro fracturing.  We can also properly seal abandoned wells that have been taken out of service to avoid contamination of surrounding ground water.   Our quality workmanship in taking every precaution ensures your water is safe to use and consume.

JWD conducts both traditional and forced chlorination.  Forced well chlorination attempts   to kill bacteria that has migrated locally into the formation surrounding the well. It is recommended after a traditional chlorination has failed to effectively eliminate bacteria from system.  JWD has qualified, certified, and experienced water well drilling and pump technicians on staff to install, troubleshoot, or repair well pumps.

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Diversified Drilling

  • Water Wells
  • Geothermal
  • Environmental

Water Well Installation

We drill, construct and install residential, municipal, commercial, irrigation, environmental, geothermal, and agricultural well systems. 

Water Well Repairs

  • Well Repairs
  • Well Pump Repairs
  • Well Abandonment and Sealing

Water Well Services

  • Water Well Conditioning Systems
  • Hydro Fracturing
  • Well Chlorination

Water Well Inspection

  • Well Yield Testing
  • Video Inspection (down hole camera)
  • Water Quality Testing

Cathodic Protection

  • Install Bore Holes and related equipment
  • Grouting

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